February 2, 2020

About Us

Who we are ?

We serve customers globally by providing top-notch IT solutions and coding services. Our offerings include industry research reports, up-to-the-minute IT program updates, and the development of automated trading programs, among others. As an emerging quantitative laboratory, we integrate our vast experience in investments. Our goal is to harness meticulous professionalism to yield investment gains. We invite you to engage with us—let’s collaborate on risk analysis and unlock greater wealth potential together.

What is LandBillion?

LandBillion is deeply dedicated to uncovering global venture capital investment and speculative opportunities. We share cutting-edge quantitative hedging investment techniques and insights into financial engineering. Our mission is to guide investors in shaping sound investment and financial management principles. We strive to ensure that returns align with risks undertaken and to enlighten more individuals about the allure of automated trading robots, letting them savor the excitement of trading.

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How  to contact us ?

E-mail:[email protected]


+852 67349586 ( for Hong Kong and other side)

+1 909-282-9069(For US)

+44 7458197289 (For EU)



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